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I am an art director specializing motion design for Wilson Dow Group. I head a team of talented motion designers to create animated pieces for experience driven events.

My experience as a graphic and motion designer with expertise in art direction, motion, print and digital media has lead me through an amazing professional journey. I began my career as a motion and graphic design in commercial post production where I worked for the top post production houses in Chicago such as Swell and Avenue Edit. My experience in designing and animating national commercials, music videos and corporate pieces have helped to shape my present work in experiential design.

Outside of my commercial work, I practice figurative painting and drawing. I often incorporate my expertise and talents in motion design and animation with my personal art practice. My work has been shown at several art events in Chicago.

In addition, I am an educator and mentor. I teach motion design and visual effects at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Over the course of my 19 years of education experience, I have designed curriculum for classes in typography, image manipulation and motion design at SAIC, Columbia College and at the The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago.

I am from Mexico City, grew up in the Chicago suburbs and have lived in Chicago most of my adult life.

Check out my latest motion design work as well my graphic design and painting pieces in my portfolio. Thanks for stopping by!