Motion DEsign and Art Direction Reel

Check out the latest most comprehensive reel of my work. Many experiential pieces as well as stop motion, rotoscoping and good ol' motion graphics goodies. I either design or animated or art directed or all of the above each of these pieces. I use After Effects, C4d, Trapcode and Video Copilot plug ins, old school watercolor paint on paper and traditional stop motion techniques.

Wilson Dow Group Summer Camp 2017 Stop Motion Animation

I made this stop motion animation with the talented Maria Aiura (videographer) to announce WDG's employee summer camp event. With the help of our interns, Will Fine and Kyle O'Connell we used traditional stop motion techniques to bring these scenes to life. I also used a little After Effects magic to pull it all together.

Watercolor WDG Logo Animation

I made this logo animation using old school rotoscoping techniques. I first created the initial animation of my coworkers and I "writing" on the letters in AfterEffects using Particular. Then I exported this animation as a jpg sequence and printed out every frame on paper. From there I used a light table, plain paper and watercolors to paint over each frame. I also painted additional splats and transitions. Then I took all the painted sheets of paper and scanned them back into the computer. Imported these as jpg sequence and composited them and synched it to music. I love painting so this was a joy to work on!

True Creative

I created this for my company end of year reel based on the first True Detective title sequence by Elastic. I used the double exposure technique to highlight a few of Wilson Dow Group's creative directors. I studied all the shots from the original and recreated each shot as faithfully as I could. I had each of the creative directors pose for me in front a green screen but I did not tell them the purpose of their contemplative and also explosive modeling so they were surprised by the outcome when unveiled at our company viewing. Jonathan Sladek shot the green screen plates. I shot all the live video footage of the south loop area of Chicago near my office with my iphone6 in 4k. I designed and animated the entire piece using Photoshop and After Effects with some Red Giant plug ins. Soundtrack is from the original title sequence: Far From Any Road by The Handsome Family

Wilson Dow's Flying Circus

My homage to Monty Python/Terry Gilliam cut-out animation. I made this for an intro for my company's year end demo reel. I created all the artwork and animation so that it looked and moved just like the opening title sequence to Monty Python's Flying Circus. The vintage faces are Mark Dow and Steve Wilson, the founders and owners of Wilson Dow Group. I used Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects as well and several Red Giant plug ins. Robert Burns did the voice over.

The Atelier

This is an animated intro that was projected to multiple screens for a live event. It was inspired by the Apple commercials. I loved using my design and animation skills to enhance the meaning of the words in the script. The sound design adds heightened dimension and interpretation. I animated and designed everything in After Effects. The sound design was done by ID Music.

Under The Radar Motion Design Reel

Here is a compilation of the motion design work created by myself and my motion design team for our sister company, Under the Radar. I art directed all the pieces you see here as well as designed and animated many of pieces including the C4d opening.

Louder Than a Mom at Martyr's

I was so flattered to be asked by Kate Hill, owner of the legendary Chicago club, Martyrs' to design and animate the intro and end tags for this monthly storytelling event at Martyr's Chicago. Kate had this awesome stamp that she bought in 90s that fit perfectly for the theme and I used it in combination with type and color and movement to bring it to life.

Lt. Dan Invitational Golf Tournament Teaser

This was a fun project and a terrific cause that benefits our veterans. For this animated teaser promoting the Lt. Dan Invitational Golf Tournament,  I used video and photos as the backdrop for high intensity type treatments. I used lots of effects to get this stylized look--including particles, color correction effects, optical flares and textures. Since this is for the Gary Sinise Foundation, we had permission to use the Forest Gump footage.



Embody Peace Art Show

I designed and animated the the titles for this video announcing the Embody Peace Art Show. My paintings were displayed in the show and that is me as the spokesperson in the video. Karen Carter shot and edited. 

Connextion Logo Animation

I animated this logo in After Effects. This was an branding piece that defined the look and feel of the live event where it was projected on many screens. I used Trapecode Shine ALOT in this as well as the Mosaic effect for the electric looking connection effects.

Companion piece for Games segment of this live event which I designed and animated.

Word Cloud

Animated theme graphic for corporate experiential presentation. I created this using Photoshop and After Effects.

Democratic Campaign Election Spots 2012

I did motion design work on numerous Democratic campaign election spots in the fall of 2012 for Adelstein Liston. Here is a compilation of some of the spots I worked on. Music credit:  Elected by Alice Cooper

Farewell to Bell

I created this animated scrapbook as an introduction to Bell School's 8th grade class graduation video. I first created it as tribute to the class of 2010's time at Bell from kindergarten through eight grade. Now I make a yearly animated scrapbook for each graduating class. Most of the photos were taken by Alison Newberry.

Music cred: We're Going to Be Friends by the White Stripes